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“Thank you for being a bright spot in my career. I may have had days when I left my building tired but I always left our meetings energized and feeling positive. I really enjoy the collegiality and chances to share with and support peers.” Participant in Leadership Series Cohort 1

“I absolutely loved this series and gained a huge amount of knowledge. VERY HELPFUL! ” -Participant in Leadership Series Cohort 1

School Nurse Leadership Cohort #1 

“This was spot on and so timely. Thank you so much! I wish all these recommendations could be brought to the DESSE level and to superintendent state meetings.”  Participant, 10.24.21

“This presentation has increased my knowledge on Covid 19 especially on Covid 19 vaccines and school testing.” Participant, 08.31.21

“Great topic! So many thermometers out there and always not sure how accurate they are but see that it depends on the setting, the situation and the technique. Thanks.” Participant, 5.13.21

“Very informative presentation.” Participant, 03.24.21

Topics were delivered in a clear and concise manner.” Participant, 10.07.20

“As always, this season was great & very informative/eye opening!” Participant,10.07.20

“This program was wonderful. Healthcare without harm is my new motto.” Participant, 09.24.20

“This was an engaging program that I enjoyed immensely.” Participant, 08.12.20

“I want to register 8 of our nurses here for the online bundle for 2020.  We have been doing the bundle through 2019 and love it!” Nurse Leader 10.10.19

“Best webinar I’ve participated in, I needed that info. Unlike so many school webinars, this was for the school nurse! I’ll be attending more NEUSHA webinars.” Participant ,10.10.19

“Very informative! Very useful information, I feel more confident now about my knowledge on this topic and can develop a plan of action for the future.”  Participant 4.25.17

“I cannot tell you how many times I have used what I’ve learned since I have done the program. It was VERY informative. I don’t think I’ve been to a program where I’ve taken away so much concrete and useful working knowledge. Would love more programs with this speaker.”  Participant 04.04.17

“Excellent presentation, enjoyed small group setting and sharing experiences with other school nurses as well as the presenter’s insights.”  – Participant 04.04.2017

“Excellent presentation and presenters! Helped my get a handle on how to approach my superiors to get things I want done accomplished.” – Participant 03.25.2017

“I thought the content and delivery of this program was excellent. I will definitely be incorporating my new found technology skills into my school nursing practice.” – Participant 01.31.2017 

“EXCELLENT!!!!! I learned so much!!!” -Participant, 12.07.16

“This program was fantastic, thank you so much!”  – Participant, 12.07.16

“I found this presentation to be very helpful. My confidence level has increased. Thank you.” – Participant, 12.07.16

“This was a very interesting topic and presentation!” – Participant, 12.07.16

“Extraordinary speakers and excellent session.” – Participant, 12.07.16

“Very interesting, could have listened longer!” – Participant, 12.07.16

“I think this was the best 2 1/2-hour conference I have attended. The speakers were engaging, extremely knowledgeable and kept my attention all evening. I could have listened another 2 1/2 hours! have them again!” -Participant, 12.07.16

“Engaging speaker who imparts knowledge and coaches skills and makes me feel that I can do it, too!” – Participant, 10.18.16

“This was my first time attending the Summer Academy. I found it to be a great learning and networking experience. I met some fun new friends and learned a great deal. I especially loved the keynote speaker . . .  I’m looking forward to returning next year. ”  Participant, 08.18.16

“I think you did a fantastic job putting this conference together. I learned so much and can’t wait to take this information back to my staff of nurses who were unable to attend. Looking forward to next year!!” Participant 08.18.16

“This program was very good and met my needs as far as being aware of other cultures and how it may affect their health care needs.”  Participant, 07.28.16

“It was a great presentation!!! Great speaker, I enjoyed the variety-power point, videos, social interactions with peers.”  Participant, 07.28.16

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