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(Re) Defining a Healthy Work Environment - CLOSED

Time: 9am (8:30 sign in)
Location: Northeastern University Alumni Center - 716 Columbus Ave, 6th floor Boston, MA 02115
Cost: FREE
Contact Hours: 5.0 by American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, pending approval

 21st Annual NEASF Faculty Development Workshop

Art Zwerling Consensus Conference:

(Re) Defining a Healthy Work Environment

September 21st

9am - 4pm (8:30 sign in)

Coffee and tea available at sign in. Lunch will be provided and a vegetarian/vegan option will be available.

Funded by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Foundation


  • Identify the impact that the learning system and environment has on faculty and student wellbeing.
  • Define responsibilities associated with self-care.
  • Discuss substance use disorder and concepts of personal and professional wellness.
  • Define strategies to foster self-empowerment and resiliency.
  • Describe elements of a balanced life, including interaction of mind, body, and spirit.


Keynote Erin Lea, PhD  "Silent Sickness: Tackling Shame"  Erin is a TEDx speaker and a clinical health psychologist at the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center and will be our Keynote speaker. Dr. Lea strives to empower individuals to optimize their health and well being.  Dr. Lea will discuss the important role that shame plays in our lives.  She dissects the reasons shame is so prevalent in our society and shares the ways we can turn that dreaded feeling into a positive thing that empowers us and allows us to grow.

Rigo Garcia, MBA, CRNA and Claudia Garcia, MBA, BSN, RN, CADAC II, LAC: "Catch me ...(if you can) the Impaired Provider.  Often times the obvious signs assoicated with the impaired provider indicates the disease is in its late stages.  An open discussion will prompt audience members to self-identify "obvious" signs of addiction with emphasis on the fact that those signs are not ideal in early intervention.  Healthcare Providers are often nervous to ask for help or report others who may need it because they don't know the consequences.  Based off personal experience and as Co-founders of the Parkdale Center for Professionals, Rigo and Claudia Garcia will share their inspiration journey and objective research related to addiction and treatment opportunities for the impaired provider.

 Josh Lea, DNP, MBA, CRNA: "The Joy and Meaning in Work: Tools for Resiliency and Health Lifestyles".  Josh Lea is a health and wellness expert who has a passion for organizational and clinical wellness.  His research related to job satisfaction, burnout and turnover among nurse anesthetists is relevant and applicable across other healthcare professions.  He will discuss the intellectual, behavioral and emotional commitment to meaningful and satisfying work.   Without a health work environment that includes joy and meaning in work, the workforce cannot perform at its potential.  Dr. Josh Lea will provide tools for resiliency and tips for sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Rebecca Minehart, MD:  “Speaking up for Safety: Finding your Voice!”   One of the most common reasons people do not speak up are because they feel less empowered. They feel like they must not know the answer, that the health care provider is the expert or they do not have the words to be effective. The first step many people should take is to have self-respect – that is, to realize they have a legitimate voice and any questions they have are valid and should be voiced. Dr. Rebecca Minehart is a safety scientist at the Massachusetts General Hospital and she will discuss speaking up, and empower the audience to find their voice!

Plenary: Rebecca Love, ANP, MSN, RN: "Empowering Nurses to Drive Healthcare Innovation" Ever since Florence Nightingale revolutionized healthcare during the Crimean War by pointing out that infection was killing as many soldiers as bullets, nurses have pushed the envelope of medical practice.  By why, asks experienced nurse entrepreneur, TEDx speaker Rebecca Love, are they rarely involved the the design of healthcare products or workflows?  In this passionate plenary talk, she will show why the collective wisdom of nurses, the frontline of medical practice, needs to be incorporated into every stage of healthcare design, including wellness in the workplace.  Rebecca Love is passionate about empowering nurses and creating communities to help nurses innovate, create and collaborate to start businesses to transform healthcare.

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Contact: Christine Litzinger M.Ed, Nurse Anesthesia Program Manager at c.litzinger@northeastern.edu   

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