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Narcolepsy Impacting Students: Overview and School Accommodations

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Narcolepsy Impacting Students: Overview and School Accommodations is presented by Dr. Kiran Maski, a Neurologist at Boston Children's Hospital.  The pathophysiology of Narcolepsy is explained and the impact on students' academic success, emotional support and school accommodations are discussed.

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The participant will be able to describe:
  1. Hypersomnia:When should I be concerned?
  2. Symptoms and signs of narcolepsy
  3. Why narcolepsy is often missed diagnosis
  4. Pathophysiology of narcolepsy
  5. Newly described co-morbidities of narcolepsy
  6. Treatment for narcolepsy
  7. Anticipatory guidance (driving safety)


                             Dr. Kiran Maski, Neurologist, Children's Hospital Boston

"As a faculty member in the Departments of Neurology and Sleep Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), I have focused my clinical and research interests on the relationship between sleep, cognition, and mood in children. Under the mentorship of Dr. Robert Stickgold and funded by the American Sleep Medicine Foundation and American Academy of Neurology, I have conducted two research studies evaluating sleep dependent memory consolidation in children. In my clinical practice, I have developed expertise in the evaluation and treatment of patients with central hypersomnia, with mentorship from Dr. Thomas Scammell. In 2012, I developed a central hypersomnia clinic at BCH in which I follow about 100 patients with narcolepsy and diagnose as many as 5-9 new patients per year. In my clinical practice, I have been struck by the high degree of cognitive, behavioral, and affective co-morbidities among my patients with narcolepsy and endeavor to focus my research in deeply phenotyping this cohort, uncovering novel, sleep-dependent pathophysiology that explains their behavioral/mood co-comorbidities and, importantly, to identify novel treatment paradigms that reduce their disease burden."

Positions and Employment

2008 – 2009 Chief Resident, Child Neurology Residency Program, Boston Children’s Hospital
2010 – present Instructor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
2010 – present Assistant in Neurology, Boston Children’s Hospital
2010 – present Associate Program Director, Child Neurology Residency Program, BCH
2013 – present Neurology Sleep Clinic Director, Boston Children’s Hospital
2013 – present Sleep Clerkship Director, Boston Children’s Hospital

Other Experience and Professional Memberships

2006 – present Member, American Academy of Neurology
2006 – present Member, Child Neurology Society
2008 – present Member, American Association of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society
2008 – present Member, Graduate Medical Education Committee, Boston Children’s Hospital
2010 – present Member, Boston Children’s Hospital Academy
2013 – present Organizer/Host/Discussant, Annual Narcolepsy Patient Information Session, Boston Children’s Hospital Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders
2013 – 2014 Narcolepsy Quality Improvement Task Force, American Academy of Sleep Medicine
2014 – present Member, The Academy of Harvard Medical School
2015 – present American Academy Sleep Medicine/Centers for Disease Control Workgroup on Optimal Sleep Duration for Children

Amy Raeder, MA,  Patient & Family Educator, Children's Hospital Boston


 Simmons College Boston, MA. Master of Science in Education: Special Education, Moderate Disabilities
 Framingham State College Framingham, MA. Bachelor of Arts, Communications
 Santa Monica College Santa Monica, CA Broadcasting / Communications Undergraduate
 Merrimack College North Andover, MA Communications Undergraduate


Massachusetts Initial Educator License: Moderate Disabilities PreK-8
Vermont Initial Educator License: Moderate Disabilities K-8


Feb. ’16- Present Boston Children’s Hospital, Neurology Department Boston, MA Patient & Family Educator

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