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A Superintendent's Perspective: Why I Support School Health Services FREE
Dr. Gary Maestas presents a Superintendent's perspective of the importance of health services in schools positively impacting students.
No Contact Hours for this program. Created 2/4/19.
Length: 18 minutes

Abdominal Assessment For School Nurses

Karen Rufo MS, RN, PPCP-BC presents abdominal assessment skills for school nurses. Please refer to the Resources for specific charts and posters.

 Contact hours: 1  Cost: $20     Length: 60 minutes

Advocacy: Speak out for student health loudly, often, and strategically

Anne Sheetz, MPH, RN, NEA-BC, former Director of School Health Services for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, shares her expertise and encouragement for speaking publicly and effectively about student health issues and the school nurse role. This presentation was provided at the Northeastern University School Health Academy summer conference in August, 2017 in Hyannis, MA. The focus is on advocacy efforts generally with examples from Ms.Sheetz's experience with Massachusetts and several other states. Created 10/27/17.

Contact hours: 1        Cost: $20     Length: 60 minutes

Anxiety in Youth and the Use of Emotional Freedom Technique

This program describes the prevalence, pathophysiology, and impact of anxiety on youth and the use of Emotional Freedom Technique as one emerging evidence-based method for managing student anxiety in the school setting. The content is intended for school nurses and counselors working individually with students. Created 11/18/16.

Contact hours: 1.5      Cost: $25       Length: 1.5 hours

Becoming a Grief Journey Companion: Supporting Grieving Students

Four experts of the national non-profit HealGrief share how school nurses, counselors and teachers can support children and youth who are grieving. Created 3/27/19.
Contact hours: 2       Cost: $25      Length: 2 hours

Chemistry of Opioid Addiction - Recorded Webinar

Chemistry of Opioid Addiction
This webinar took place on September 25, 2018 and was recorded via BlueJeans. Randolph A. Escobar and Edwin Alfonzo, advanced PhD candidates in Chemistry at Boston University, break down the chemistry behind opioids and addiction for school health personnel. Created 10/10/18.

Contact hours: 1.0       Cost: $10      Length: 60 minutes

Children's Vision - What School Nurses Need to Know

Dr. Bruce Moore, OD, Professor Emeritus at the New England College of Optometry and Paulette Tattersall DipPharm, MSc., Director of the Northeast Region for the nonprofit Prevent Blindness explain what school nurses need to know regarding ChildrenÂ’s Vision, emphasizing the importance of early detection of vision issues. Created 10/5/18.

Contact hours: 2.5           Cost: $25            Length: 2.5 hours

Coordinating Care for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma: Behavioral Telehealth in Schools

  Megan Wallace, a Licensed Independent Social Worker and the Clinic Coordinator for the National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center (NCVC) within the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), will explain the need for care coordination for children who have experienced trauma, and how behavioral telehealth can bridge the gap in access to care for these children. Created 3/19/19.

Contact Hours: 1        Cost $10.00         Length: 60 minutes

Data is Your Friend

This program consists of three screencast tutorials created by NEUSHA Directors Kathy Hassey and Jenny Gormley, and by school nurse Ellen Capstick. They are designed to increase school nurse knowledge, confidence in skills related to tracking student health data in their practice and sharing it with their school community. Created 4/24/18.

Contact hours: 1        Cost: $25        Length: 60 minutes

Dermatology What IS THAT?

Dr. Sue Franchi presents dermatology examples regarding what school nurses might see in their practice.  This presentation was taped at the August 2016 Summer Academy in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Created 1/10/17.

Contact hours: 1         Cost: $20        Length: 60 minutes

Diabetes Numeracy: Enhancing Knowledge and Confidence of School Nurses

Ann Marie Klaver, DNP, MSN, RN presents a diabetes overview as well as tips regarding diabetes numeracy for school nurses. Also included is the printable diabetes calculation numeracy card and other resources for school nurses working with students with diabetes. Created 6/15/18.  

Contact hours: 1.5      Cost: $25    Length: 1.5 hours

Disordered Eating in Children and Adolescents

Dr. Seda Ibrahimi, presented at Summer Academy 2017 about disordered eating in children and adolescents.  This presentation is an overview of signs and symptoms as well as current treatment modalities. Created 10/20/17.

Contact hours: 1.5    Cost: $20      Length: 1.5 hours

E-Cigarettes and Vaping: The Facts about the Epidemic and the Risks to Adolescents

Feeney-Susan-WorcesterVaping and the use of e-cigarettes is a public health crisis for our adolescents.  This recorded webinar presents this issue for a better understanding. Created 3/13/19.

Contact hours: 1       Cost: $10.00
      Length: 60 minutes

Endometriosis: A Clinical and Personal Perspective for School Nurses
Dr. Kip McKenzie brings us the most current information about endometriosis and the impact it has on adolescent girls and young women. Nicole Pearlstein and her daughter Michela bring us the personal impact endometriosis has had on their lives. The critically-acclaimed film Endo What? is included in the program. This film "shatters the myths around endometriosis" according to The NEW YORK TIMES and was hailed as "the first step in a plan for change" by NEWSWEEK. School Nurses need to be aware of this often debilitating condition to assist their students. Created 3/15/19.

Contact Hours: 3.5      Cost: $25   Length: 3.5 hours


FInding the Joy with Social Emotional Learning

Judy Styer BA, BSN, RN, NCSN  is the Director of Health and Wellness in the Framingham Public Schools in Massachusetts.  This presentation was given at the 2019 Summer Academy in Hyannis, MA.  Judy discusses what Social Emotional Learning can mean to school nursing practice. Created 9/11/19.

Contact hours: 0.5        Cost: $10        Length: 30 minutes

FREE School Nurses: Writing a Professional Biosketch

The following program was created as part of a Nursing Administration Graduate practicum project. Having a professional biosketch allows the nurse to share their professional and clinical expertise with the viewer. Created 3/1/17.

Contact hours: 1.0     Cost: FREE      Length: 60 minutes

New & Free
FREE Developing a Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) in your School
This online program will provide the school nurse with the tools and skills to develop and sustain a medical emergency response team in their own school.  Resources and forms are available to begin the process.  The program concludes with an opportunity for the participant to create and plan a timeline for the process. Cathryn Hampson BSN, is a nationally certified school nurse, a certified instructor for CPR/ AED/First Aid and a thirty-year veteran of the nursing career.  She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Nursing in Nursing Education through St. Joseph College of Maine.  Cathryn’s background is in maternal-child health, cross cultural healthcare and school nursing. Created 7/10/19.

Contact hours: 2         Cost:  FREE Program       Length: 2 hours

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: What School Nurses Need to Know

This webinar was recorded on Wednesday January 23, 2019. Carole Butze M.Ed., BSN, RN, member, Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren. Created 1/31/19.

Contact hours: 1          Cost: $10       Length: 60 minutes

Holistic School Nursing, A New Paradigm: An Evidence-based Specialty RECORDED WEBINAR
Cyndi Aldrich, M.Ed., BSN, HN-BC, School Nurse and board certified Holistic Nurse, explains how school nurses can incorporate holistic nursing into their practice. Created 1/31/19.

Contact hours: 1      Cost: $10     Length: 60 minutes

How Does Telehealth Work in the School Setting? Recorded Webinar

This webinar took place on Jan. 6th, 2019 and was recorded via BlueJeans. Kelli Garber, MSN, APRN, PPCNP-BC, Lead Advanced Practice Provider and Clinical Integration Specialist for the Center for Telehealth at the Medical University of South Carolina, and Lynn Floyd, School Nurse and Telehealth Presenter, explain how telehealth works in the school setting. Created 1/24/19.

Contact Hour: 1        Cost $10.00       Length: 60 minutes


How to Run a Paperless Health Office: Interview with Linda Leonard, BSN, RN, NCSN and Tania Laslovitch, LAT, ATC

In this new form of continuing nursing education, the NEUSHA team has recorded a virtual BlueJeans interview with Linda Learnard, BSN, RN, NCSN, School Nurse of Martha's Vineyard High School, and Tania Laslovitch, LAT, ATC, Athletic Trainer at Martha's Vineyard High School, about how they turned their health office paperless. Linda and Tania share their computer screen so participants can see how their digital filing system works, using a fictional student named Peter Pan. Created 1/17/18.

Contact hours: 1     Cost: $10       Length: 60 minutes

Human Trafficking Module 1: Overview and Vulnerable Youth
This module contains 4 sessions from the Human Trafficking Conference held at Northeastern University on April 27, 2019.  State and National experts present an overview of the Human Trafficking issue, including legal definitions and contexts where it occurs,  how at-risk youth are impacted, and warning signs School Nurses can look out for. Created 6/3/19.

Contact Hours: 2.5    Cost: $25    Length: 2.5

Human Trafficking Module 2: Identification Strategies, Trauma Informed Interviewing
This module contains 4 sessions from the Human Trafficking Conference held at Northeastern University on April 27, 2019.  State and National experts present investigative techniques used by law enforcement, providing trauma informed care for healthcare providers, trauma informed interviewing and outreach to survivors. Created 6/4/19.

Contact Hours: 2.5    Cost: $25    Length: 2.5 hours

Human Trafficking Module 3: Unique Intervention Approaches and Resources
This module contains 4 sessions filmed at the Human Trafficking Conference held at Northeastern University on April 27, 2019.  State and national experts present on topics including an industrial engineering approach to fighting trafficking, screening tools and resources for providing services to survivors, and how law enforcement, advocates for survivors, school nurses and emergency room workers can fight against human trafficking. Created 7/24/19.

Contact hours: 3     Cost: $25     Length: 3 hours

Life-Threatening Food Allergies: Essentials for Nurses & Others Working in Private & Public School Settings

mike pistiner pic

  Dr. Michael Pistiner discusses life threatening allergies, triggers and how to manage them in the public and private school setting.  This is a recorded webinar. Created 3/16/19.

Contact Hours: 1    Cost $10.00   Length: 60 minutes

Love Hurts: Trends in Adolescent Dating Violence

Christie Rizzo, PhD., discusses teen dating violence trends, recognition and interventions at the NEUSHA 2017 Summer Academy. Created 12/1/17.

Contact hours: 1          Cost: $20        Length: 60 minutes

Marijuana Use in Youth: Effects of Legalization and Use


This program was videotaped on November 6, 2018 at an annual MA School Nurse Conference in Marlboro, MA.
School health professionals will understand the negative effects of marijuana use for youth and adults, understand the current marijuana laws in MA, and understand how legalization of marijuana leads to increase youth use and misconceptions that marijuana is safe to use. Created 12/5/18.

Contact hours: 2.0   Cost $25    Length: 2 hours

Mindfulness in the School Health Office: Practice implications for school nurses
Jamy Gaynor presents on her doctoral work describing how school nurses practicing mindfullness for just 5 minutes in the morning, positively impacted their school nursing practice.  This presentation was video taped at the 2019 Summer Academy in Hyannis, MA. Created 9/9/19.

Contact hour: 0.5   Cost: $10      Length: 30 minutes

Narcolepsy Impacting Students: Overview and School Accommodations

Narcolepsy Impacting Students: Overview and School Accommodations is presented by Dr. Kiran Maski, a Neurologist at Boston Children's Hospital.  The pathophysiology of Narcolepsy is explained and the impact on students' academic success, emotional support and school accommodations are discussed. Created December 2016, reviewed September 2019.

Contact hours: 1.5      Cost: $25    Length: 1.5 hours

Pediatric Cardiology for the School Nurse

Dr. Stewart Mackie, Pediatric Cardiologist at Bay State Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, presents essential cardiac assessment and management strategies for school nurses. This program is divided into 6 segments with questions following to stimulate learning. Created 5/10/18.

Contact hours: 2.5       Cost: $25        Length: 2.5 hours

Per Diem School Nursing

This online program is available for per diem or potential per diem nurses to describe this most valuable role needed in the school setting. The per diem nurse must have a nursing license as well as working knowledge of school age children and adolescent health issues. Created 1/4/17.

Contact hours: 1           Cost: $20         Length: 60 minutes

Preparing School Nurses and School Teams for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in Schools
  Martha Lopez Anderson, The Executive Director of Parent Heart Watch, discusses sudden cardiac arrest in youth and how school nurses and school teams can be prepared for this event. This is a recorded webinar. Created 3/17/19.

 Contact Hour: 1   Cost  $10.00    Length: 60 minutes

Promoting Resilience & Healthy Outcomes for LGBTQ Students

This 2 hour online program presents instructional material for school nurses working with students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer (LGBTQ). The expert presenters discuss a range of issues impacting LGBTQ student physical and behavioral/mental health and school success. Examples from the Massachusetts experience illustrate the journeys that are common to many LGBTQ students and their families across the United States. Created 1/4/17.

Contact hours: 2         Cost: $20     Length: 2 hours

Public Health Issue: Firearms Impacting Student Safety in Schools
This program was taped from a presentation on November 6, 2018 by Robin Cogan.  Robin Cogan MEd, RN, NCSN is a School Nurse Advocate NJ. She discusses the statistics of firearm violence on students in our schools and communities.  Robin also discusses her story about finding her nursing advocacy voice for this public health issue. This is not a political presentation.  Created 2/10/19.

Contact Hours: 1.5       Cost $20            Length: 1.5 hours

School Nurses and the Opioid Crisis: Part 1 Featuring Susan B. Avallone MSN, RN, NCSN

This archived webinar is the first in our series, School Nurses and the Opioid Crisis. This webinar took place on February 22nd, 2018 and was called, School Nurses on the Front Lines of the Opioid Crisis, A live webinar featuring Susan B Avallone, MSN, RN, NCSN, "A Message of Collaboration and Networking". NEUSHA Directors Kathy Hassey and Jenny Gormley interviewed Susan about her experience working as a school nurse in her community to address the opioid crisis. Questions from the audience were taken. Created 3/1/18.

Contact hours: 1       Cost: $10         Length: 60 minutes

School Nurses on the Front Lines of the Opioid Crisis: Part 2, A webinar with Karen Jarvis-Vance, MSN, RN, NCSN

Karen Jarvis-Vance, MSN, RN, NCSN School Nurse Leader, Northampton Public Schools. This archived webinar features the virtual interview with the NEUSHA directors and guest Karen Jarvis-Vance, MSN, RN, NCSN about how she as a school nurse administrator engages with others in her community to address the opioid epidemic. Created 3/20/18.

Contact hours: 1.0          Cost: $10          Length: 60 minutes

Section 504 for School Nurses

Judy Styer BSN, BA, RN, NCSN Director of Health and Wellness and 504 Coordinator for the Framingham Public Schools in Massachusetts. Judy discusses Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the school nurse role. Created 11/16/17.

Contact hours: 1    Cost:   $20      Length: 60 minutes

Skin Cancer Prevention in Youth: A Health Curriculum to Combat the Most Common Cancer
Get ready for Spring/Summer and learn about trends in skin cancer mortality and morbidity, factors that affect UV intensity, skin sensitivity, proper sun protection, and skin cancer assessment. Maryellen Maguire-Eisen MSN, RN is Executive Director of the Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation, which seeks to teach children and nurses about sun protection and skin cancer prevention. Created 4/5/19.
   Contact hour: 1      Cost: $10       Length: 60 minutes

SMART Goals for School Nurses

Karen Rufo MS, PPCNP-BC presents SMART Goal development for school nurses.  This presentation was at the 2019 Northeastern University School Health Summer Academy in Hyannis, MA. Created 9/10/19.
Contact hours: 1     Cost: $20       Length: 60 minutes

Social Emotional Learning for School Nurses

Dr. Mary McCarthy explains the importance of social emotional learning for students. She discusses what it is, how social emotional behaviors positively impact academic success, and how school nurses can assess social emotional competencies. Created 3/17/17.

Contact hours: 1.5       Cost: $20        Length: 1.5 hours

Supporting Students' Behavioral Health and Academic Success: Working Effectively with School Counselors

This one hour program was presented at the NEUSHA Summer Academy in August 2016.  Adria Pavletic speaks about developing a collaborative relationship between school nurses and school counselors in supporting students with behavioral health issues, and how these issues impact academic success. She discusses frequent visitors, school refusal and phobia, and developing that professional team supporting students. Created 2/17/17.

Contact hours: 1        Cost: $20      Length: 60 minutes    

Tattooing, Piercing and Body Modification in Adolescents
Tattooing, Piercing and Body Modification in Adolescents

  Laura K. Grubb, MD, MPH presents information about tattooing, piercing and body modifications in adolescents and young adults. She discusses tattoo/piercing safety and awareness information, potential complications and infections, pre and post care information and addresses how school nurses can address these issues with students. Created 8/30/19.

Contact Hour: 1     Cost:  $20       Length: 60 minutes

Tech Talk: Technology Tutorials for School Health Personnel

These technology tutorials were created for the Tech Talk portion of our Hybrid School Nurse Leadership Series. Created 2/23/18.
Contact hours: 2.0  Cost: $25  Length: 2 hours

The tutorials, created by the NEUSHA team, are on these topics: 

  1. Introducing BlueJeans (a videoconferencing application)
  2. Intro to Google Docs for School Health Personnel
  3. Use of Images for Communication
  4. Using Powerpoint Effectively
  5. Interactive Tools for More Engaging Presentations
  6. Overview of Newsletters for School Health Personnel
  7. Excel for Tracking and Graphing Data

Transitioning into the School Nursing Specialty

This program was developed for nurses entering or contemplating entering the school nursing specialty. Created 3/10/18.
Contact hours: 1      Cost: $20      Length: 60 minutes

Twitter As a Tool for School Nursing Advocacy Recorded webinar

Robin Cogan, MEd, RN, NCSN is a New Jersey school nurse activist and blogger advocating for student health and safety. She explains how school nurses can use Twitter as a tool to advocate for student health and safety. Created 1/30/19.

Contact hours: 1         Cost: $10          Length: 60 minutes

WEBINAR: School Nurses Working Smarter not Harder Using Communication Technology in the Health Office

Mrs. Angela Avramidis, BSN, RN, NCSN presented School Nurses Working Smarter not Harder on this October 10 live webinar.  She walks us through using a communication application (not using your personal cell phone) so you can communicate with parents easier (but they won't have access to your personal cell phone for off work hours).  She also discusses how she has utilized community resources to fund projects for her health office.  Angela shows you how to use Google Docs to keep your evaluation evidence more efficiently.   Created October 10, 2019.     

Contact hours: 1              Cost:  $10              Length: 60 minutes

What if They Can't Tell Us: Pain Assessment for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Brenna Quinn, PhD, RN, NCSN discusses Pain Assessment strategies for school nurses who work with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She provides assessment tools and methods that are appropriate to use. She utilizes case studies to explain tools.

Contact hours: 1.5       Cost: $25         Length: 1.5 hours

Why Can't This Child Get to Class? Learn how ME/CFS keeps youth from attending school

 Featured content experts: Dr. Peter C.Rowe, Pediatrician, Director, Childrens Center Chronic Fatigue Clinic at John Hopkins, and Professor of Pediatrics, and Lisa Hall, RN. Northampton Integrative Medicine, discuss an illness and disability that keeps afflicted children from attending school for months or even years at a time: ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), a disease the Centers for Disease Control calls America's hidden health crisis. Created 7/11/19.

Contact hours: 3.25   Cost $25   Length: 3.25 hours

Working with Students with Hearing Impairment

Mary Rapa, RN and Lynn Power, RN are nurses who work at the Framingham Learning Center for the Deaf. They share their expertise in working with students who are deaf or have a hearing impairment.This presentation was videotaped at the 2017 Summer Academy for School Nurses in Hyannis, MA. Created 6/20/18.

Contact hours: 1   Cost: $20    Length: 60 minutes

Zika and Other Exotic Threats to Worry About

Dr. Al DeMaria presents information about Zika, Ebola, Mumps, Food Borne Illness and Antibiotic resistance. This presentation was taped at the August 2016 Summer Academy in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Created 12/30/2016.

Contact hours: 1      Cost: $20      Length: 60 minutes


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